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Visiting NYC

New York City

Take a bite out of the Big Apple and discover why NYC is the city that never sleeps. Each block has a new and exciting experience to discover, with something to meet everyone’s needs. From hipster-esque Brooklyn to high-fashion Fifth Avenue, New York City is full of funky neighborhoods, each offering something truly unique. Take a day to stroll around Central Park, wait hours in line for the latest dessert craze, or simply wander the city streets full of iconic statues and buildings. Surround yourself with the sounds of the hustle and bustle of busy New Yorkers, delve into history by visiting the Statue of Liberty, or reflect on the fallen heroes at the Ground Zero Memorial. Catch a play on Broadway, a stand-up comedy show on a side-street, or an impromptu street artist’s performance. Bite into a famous hotdog from a street cart or take a bite of the World’s Best Pizza. No matter what, you will be inspired by the people and places New York City has to offer. NYC Walking Tour

Visiting San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco calls out to all types of people, not just bohemians and flower children. A true mix of cultures and attitudes the city is filled with trending artwork and a bustling restaurant scene. You’ll never run out of things to do, or places to explore in San Francisco. Visit open-air sites, like Pier 39’s famous seals barking along the bay, or the striking Golden Gate Bridge. Take a ride up and down the rolling streets on a cable car or stare at the vast Bay Area from the Twin Peaks viewpoint. Summers here are cool, so the weather is just perfect for outdoor activities. Learn about the movements this progressive city has given birth to and the people it has made famous. Or visit the famed Federal Penitentiary, Alcatraz. From quaint cafes to pulsing night clubs, San Fransisco may just be a city you leave your heart in. San Francisco Tours

Visiting Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Art Deco, bikinis, sun, and sand, what more could you ask for? Crystal clear waters with a backdrop of some of the world’s most famous nightclubs and hotels, Miami is a place to see and be seen. At first glance you’ll notice the bright colors and neons signs of the Art Deco District, surrounded by booming partiers and fancy cars driving up Ocean Drive. Join in the fun and take a night to bar-hop around town. Or look a little closer and find some real hidden gems, like the Versace Mansion in South Beach, full of history and culture. Indulge in the local cuisine, take a bike ride along the oceanfront, or visit any of the fascinating neighborhoods. Whatever you do, be sure to spend some time soaking in the sun! Even each lifeguard stand is painted beautifully enough to warrant a photograph. Now you just have to decide which one is your favorite. South Beach Hotel Reviews

Visiting Hawaii


Hawaii is a collection of islands, each one with something different to offer. Travelers with children should head directly to Maui, while those seeking the adventure of strong swells can find the waves of their dreams on Oahu, with some pretty insane parties to follow those surf sessions. Kauai is perfect for honeymooners looking for extra romance. But at the end of the day the Big Island still has a lot to offer. Often overlooked, the main island of Hawaii is full of distinguished and magnificent landmarks. Retail Store Supplies. From beaches covered in black sand to mountains lightly dusted with snow. Oh yeah, and it has an active volcano, Kilauea, that has helped the island grow in size every year. You may not find hula dancers and umbrella-laden drinks here, but you will find outdoor activities that no other Hawaiian island can even come close to and colors of beaches you won’t even believe exist until the sand is between your own toes. Hawaii Helicopter Tours

Visiting Boston


Practice your best Boston accent, and read up on your history, because this is a city of firsts. Boston is home to the first of many things. From the first municipal library to the first subway system; the first public school to the first public park. You’ll never run out of stories to hear about this city and its history. And don’t forget about the colonial adventures of the American forefathers. Visit Paul Revere's home or the site where it all began for the Boston Tea Party. Take a stroll around Beacon Hill and discover colonial mansions still standing, now next to cute shops and modern hotels. Many parts of the city were once something else, like the Boston Common, which was once a cow pasture, then a home to historical lectures and events, but is now a lovely park to spend an afternoon in. White Privilege Isn't Real. Get lost in the history of the city, and then take time to discover the way this town has evolved into a modern day destination. It’s not just brownstones and baseball here in “Bah-ston”. Boston Historical Tours